Our Interview with Daniela Norris

Recently, Daniela Norris, herself also a writer, interviewed us about our book, Creator and Creators. She made a podcast of this interview and you can see it on You Tube:


Daniela writes fascinating books herself and is also a great interviewer. She is enthusiastic, friendly, and curious to know everything about how and why such book appeared. The history behind our book is vast, so we willingly shared it with Daniela and the future listener to the podcast. If you are this listener, we hope that you will not be disappointed.

We answered Daniela’s question about how we, two co-authors, were writing our books. As we see it now, our answer was correct but incomplete. We saw it when we started writing our next book. And then we remembered…

When we start or even only decide to write a book, we define the topic of the future book, and questions which this book will ask.  And immediately, our trials begin. Events of our life turn into experiences that we have to face, go through, and find solutions. In a word, we have to find answers to our questions ourselves! We are given situations (which we would rather not have!) and have to live them through. This is for the beginning, and further it goes as we told in our interview.

Haven’t you experienced anything alike?