Margarita Riaikkenen (b.1962, Moscow, Russia)started painting in 1989 inspired by the beauty and inner sense of people, flowers, and imagery of daily life, which were in stark contrast with the crumbling Russian society. After immigrating to Melbourne, Australia, in 1995, she attended artist Joseph Edelman’s studio for four years, in pursuit of acquiring artistic knowledge and skills. Subsequently, Margarita completed a three years commercial art course via correspondence to further explore principals of art and widen her experience in drawing, graphic design and other media. The skills she learned allowed her to design and illustrate her co-authored books “The Laws of Life”, which was published in Canada in 2004, and “Creator and Creators” published in 2018 in UK and USA.  In 2014 Margarita became a member of Pastel Society of Victoria (Australia) and in the same year, she was accepted to The Australian Guild of Realist Artists as a full member.  She never stops honing her mastery over artistic media, continuously acquiring new knowledge and skills. Margarita has participated in a range of exhibitions as an artist, an organizer, and received art awards. She continues to paint passionately, working mostly in oil and pastel, and producing portraiture, still life, symbolic pieces and scenes from everyday life.

 Past Exhibitions