International Bureau of Weights and Measures corroborates ideas of the book

Unexpectedly, almost immediately after publishing our new book, Creator and Creators, we received this amazing information corroborating its ideas.

As National Geographic Australia/ November 2018 informs, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures is redefining the standard measure of a kilogram – one of seven base units in the International System of Units. This system was established as early as in the seventeenth century as the norm for all the measurements in the world, and as it seemed at that time, for all peoples and times.

The standard measure for mass, a kilogram, from 1889 and until now was a solid, touchable and visible platinum-iridium cylinder, a presentation of “normal scientific understanding” of mass, the measure of matter.

Not anymore! From May 20, 2019, the unit of mass will not be based on a physical object. It will be based on a fundamental universal principle – Planck’s Constant, which measures the energy of an individual Photon. Photons, as it is currently accepted in science, can be seen either as particles or as electromagnetic waves of light.

To get to know the exact mass of an object, some calculations will be necessary. According to Einstein’s formula, energy ‘E’ is equal mass ‘m’ times the speed of light squared (E=mc2). So, knowing the energy mass can be calculated as m=E/c2, where c=299792458 m / s is the speed of light.

The Planck relation describes energy in terms of vibration frequency as E=hv, where ‘E’ is energy in Joules (J), ‘v’ is frequency in Hertz (hz which is equal 1/s), and ‘h’ is the so-called ‘Planck’s constant’ h= 6.626×10-34 (Jxs).

Connecting these two relations, we receive an expression for mass m=hv/c2, which shows that it is possible to calculate mass if we know the frequency of its photons. Sounds paradoxical if not paranormal! Also, to compare the mass of an object with the standard of mass, instead of using a gravitational force to balance the mass, an electromagnetic force can be used.

This is indeed a quantum leap to a new understanding of Reality. An understanding of matter/mass as not necessarily solid substance, but as a derivative of electromagnetic waves (vibrations) of light!

We examine this idea in depth in our new book Creator and Creators; Co-creation with Nature: A Synthesis of Spiritual Philosophy and Science (published by Axis Mundi, 2018), where we discuss the holographic mechanism through which matter could be created out of the waves of light.

As we suggest in Creator and Creators, Matter is created by Thought out of Light. The source of thought is Universal Consciousness which permeates everything existing and is an attribute of the Creator (Spirit). Universal Consciousness is animating and working also in and through all living and thinking entities, creations and simultaneously Co-Creators of the Creator.