Good news for Creator and Creators

Good news for Creator and Creators:

News from the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology:

A scientific research in UK shows that: “Whole body irradiation with visible blue light at real world doses improves blood pressure, endothelial function and arterial stiffness…”  So maybe we really have the ‘tablet’ medicine replaced by healing by light of different colors and frequency vibrations, as we predicted in Creator and Creators!

Amongst other news is our article “Beyond Caterpillar Consciousness” published in the beautiful and very interesting to read Fountain International Magazine, December 2018, p.16: an

In the same issue, p.32, a generous review on Creator and Creators by the Editor, Susan Thompson, is published.

Also, in January 2019 the highly respected Paradigm Explorer Journal reviewed Creator and Creators, and this is their review:

“This is an important and comprehensive work synthesizing spiritual philosophy and science. Among the key sources are Madame Blavatsky, the Agni Yoga of Helena Roerich, a Russian text new to me called “The Fire of Kalagia” and the story of some Russian prisoners calling themselves X7 which I remember reading with Sir George Trevelyan 30 years ago. The book is worthy of careful study as it deals with the most profound questions relating to the nature of life.” David Lorimer, Paradigm Explorer journal (The scientific and medical network – Exploring and expanding the frontiers of science, medicine and spirituality).