Book launch at the Theosophical Society, Melbourne, 21st of July 2018

Now our book, Creator and Creators. Co-creation with Nature: A Synthesis of Spiritual Philosophy and Science, is out and we can only say to it: good luck! Go into the world and find people who will enjoy reading your pages and discover ideas that would ignite their own imagination and creativity. The book is now available on many retail sites such as Amazon US, Amazon UK, Indiebound, Book Depository, Barnes&Noble, Waterstones, and others.

Our presentation at the Theosophical Society, Melbourne, went well, and books were sold and signed after the presentation. We were asked how we came to the idea of consciousness holographically creating life out of light forming it by the highest frequency vibrations of thought.  We answered that everything starts from experience. When you are tried by Darkness, then you start searching for Light. We told how our life experiences led us to ask questions about the purpose of everything that happens in human life.

Our presentation was a great opportunity to delve into the history of creating our book and the events that preceded this, to describe the situation in which science developed in the USSR and Russia where we lived before immigrating in Australia in 1995. We paid special attention to the history of development of spiritual thought and esoteric philosophy in Russia and the world at large. We referred to our Teachers, as of science as of spirituality, and we also spoke about the uniting idea of synthesis that can explain spiritual philosophy through science and raise science to its new heights by the means of spiritual philosophy.

The Theosophical Society’s bookshop at 126 Russel St. in Melbourne is now selling Creator and Creators, 2018, as well as our earlier book, The Laws of Life, 2004.