What do we understand as the ‘Creator’ and how It becomes the ‘Creators’? Who these Creators are? What is Matter? What is Time? What are Dark Energy, Black Holes, and Gravitational Waves? How is nature created? Who is right and why – ‘creationists’ or ‘evolutionists’? Who was the real ‘Adam’? How do we create and transfigure life?

All these and many other questions are dealt with in our new book Creator and Creators. Co-creation with Nature: Synthesis of Spiritual Philosophy and Science which is due for publication by John Hunt Publishing (UK) in July 2018, (http://www.axismundi-books.com/books/creator-creators-co-creation-nature-spiritual-philosophy-science), and can be purchased on Amazon and from other distributors.

The uniting idea of our synthesis was the idea of Consciousness holographically creating Life out of Light forming it by the highest frequency vibrations of Thought.

The eternal process of creativity unites the universe and every one of us. Creation (manifestation) of Matter by Thought out of Energy, and Evolution of Matter until it becomes pure Energy, is going in cycles being led by the uninterrupted universal Rhythm. The rhythmical motion of the density of a spiral of Time produces Matter. It is a process where every particle of life becomes an Observer and a Creator in its own right co-creating its world with other particles.

Sounds intriguing? If yes, then read the book. It is full of ideas which will make you look at life from a unique and fascinating perspective of a co-creator with nature. It will give you an opportunity to find achievable goals which you probably considered too complicated before even to think about. Enjoy!!

by Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen